Room fragrance sticks

The LITE collection is joined room fragrance sticks, which will complement your interior with an elegant design element and give the room a sophisticated aroma.

The 250 ml fragrance stick container has the same shape and shades as the LITE candles collection, which creates a perfect compatibility with LITE candles and will enrich your interior elements in a unified style.

The frame is also made of porcelain and is decorated with the LITE logo and the heart note of the fragrance. The container is closed with environmentally friendly cork wood material and 8 black rattan sticks are placed through it after opening the container, which provide the unique aroma of the essential oil created by LITE in the room.

The perfume oil base is a new generation product made from renewable resources in the European Union that meets the requirements of the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) base, as well as the CARB (California AIR Resources Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) legislation, which is particularly important sustainable product development.

The essential perfumes added to the base, as well as LITE candles, are clean, healthy, do not contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins, phthalates and other potentially dangerous chemicals, and originate from the homeland of perfumes and fragrances in France.

The heart notes of the fragrance sticks in the rooms resonate with the LITE candles collection, but with slightly more nuanced base and head notes.

You will be able to feel the exquisite aroma in your room for up to 2 months. Combining aromatic sticks with a candle from the same collection LITE will enhance the scent and create a richer aroma in the room.