Vetiver massage candle


Vetiver aromatic massage candle will create a grounding and soothing atmosphere for a special skin moisturizing and nourishing back, shoulder, neck or foot massage.

The special soy wax enriched with jojoba oil, vetiver, cedar, clove and ginger essential oils and melts 20 minutes after lighting the candle into warm massage oil will provide pleasant and relaxing sensations to calm the mind, body and soul.

A blend of vetiver with a bit of cedar and a touch of clove, ginger and vanilla will create a relaxing feeling.  By performing a body massage with aromas, you will completely relax from everyday stress and unnecessary emotions.

Sheet music:
Main note – Clove, Ginger
Heart note – Vetiver, Cedar
Base note – Vanilla,

Vetiver is an East Indian herb known for its long, fibrous and aromatic root that contains aromatic essential oils popular in premium perfumery, spa, aromatherapy and massage oils.
Vetiver essential oil has a heavy, strong forest-earth aroma, which is why Vetiver essential oil is called the “oil of peace” because it has calming properties – just like walking through the forest after a heavy rain.

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The candle contains:
100% natural vegetable wax.
Its wick is made of braided cotton to ensure 100% clean, environmentally friendly burning for 50 hours.  Plant wax is mixed with pure essential oils and natural fragrances, originating from the world-renowned town of Grass in Provence, France.

20 minutes before the massage procedure, light the candle so that its upper layer turns into warm massage oil.  Slowly pour the melted wax from the candle’s porcelain dish onto the body and make even, reclassifying massaging movements.  Leave the candle burning during the massage as well, repeat the pouring of warm melted essential oil wax on the area of ​​the body massage and let the aroma of the burning candle also be enjoyed during the procedure to enhance the relaxing effect and well-being.

To fully enjoy your candle and preserve its aesthetics, follow these rituals:

Trim the wick regularly so that it does not exceed 0.5 cm in length.
To avoid the appearance of soot, clean the inside of the candle regularly and store it in a linen bag after use to avoid dust deposits and thus maintain a clean and pleasant body massage process every time.

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