LEMONGRASS scented candle


As well as forgive you Powerful energy!
A unique blend of citrus with fresh-cut nuances of green grass with hints and of wild lily, lemongrass gives a fragile aroma.

Head note- Lime, Mandarin
Heart note  – Lemongrass, Cut green Grass
Base note – wild Lily

Lemongrass is an evergreen, tropical plant with a sweet and intense citrus aroma that will not go unnoticed in the room.
Lemongrass essential oil added to a candle is extracted from the leaves of the plant and is very common in aromatherapy as an air purifier.  The fruity scent of citrus will tone you, give you energy and improve your mood!

A candle with this aroma is very suitable for work, creative expressions and study rooms.

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Premium scented candle 300 g
In Porcelain Container
Natural vegetal wax,
100% cotton wick.
10 % essential oils and fragrance
Estimated burning time : 50 hours
Made in Latvia (EU)
Hand made
Original fragrance created in Grasse – France

This candle is hand-made and has been carefully crafted for your well-being with organic substances, which may give an uneven appearance but a mark of its authenticity.

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