AMBER scented candle


The blend of Amber with a little cashmere and tobacco and a touch of cloves, ginger and vanilla will confuse your mind!
The Amber candle has a rich, exotic and complex aroma that will create a captivating effect on the room and will not leave anyone indifferent!

Head note – Clove, Ginger, Cachmere
Heart note – Amber, Tobacco, Cherry
Base note – Vanilla, Caramel, Frankincese

Amber is blend of ingredients that describes a warm, powdery and lightly sweet fragnance, that smells musky and rich.

This aroma is very festive at times, which gives a special atmosphere and mood to your room, as well as the places to be represented.

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Premium scented candle 300 g
In Porcelain Container
Natural vegetal wax,
100% cotton wick.
10 % essential oils and fragrance
Estimated burning time : 50 hours
Made in Latvia (EU)
Hand made
Original fragrance created in Grasse – France

This candle is hand-made and has been carefully crafted for your well-being with organic substances, which may give an uneven appearance but a mark of its authenticity.

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