LITE candles is a brand that produces perfume candles
These candles are made of a mixture of vegetable waxes, high-quality pure
perfume oils, and poured into handmade porcelain dishes.
LITE candles perfumes create a mood that gives the room a special atmosphere
and mood, they create an impressive effect on the room and do not leave any
indifferent memories, promote emotional well-being and give powerful energy.
LITE candles are a unique product because the candles contain 100% natural
vegetable wax, its wick is made of braided cotton, and provides 100% clean,
environmentally friendly burn for 50 hours.

Pure essential oils and natural fragrances mixed with vegetable waxes,
originating in the world-prestigious town of Grassa in Provence, France.
The porcelain frame of the candle has been carefully researched and made to
special order in the workshop of the Latvian artist Laine Berina.
Rich and exotic perfume aromas will increase your well-being, as well as be a
great gift for someone important to you.

LITE candles fragrance oils are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins,
phtalates and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance.
By choosing LITE candles, you provide a safe home fragrance, which you can enjoy
with confidence for friendly health and nature.