Welcome to the introdoction of my LITE aromatic candle collection, it is made of a mixture of vegetable waxes, high-quality and pure essential oils and fragrances, and poured into handmade porcelain conteiner.

LITE candles are manufactured with the philosophy of offering you the highest quality products, using only the most environmentally friendly raw materials.

The porcelain frame of the candle has been carefully researched and made to special order in the pottery workshop of the Latvian artist Laine Berina.

● The conteiner is reusable:
● You can fill it with a new LITE candle;
● Use – for storing cosmetics, hygiene items or
● Use as a cup while enjoying coffee or tea and add to your collection of burnt LITE candles.

LITE is created with your health, well-being, nature and sustainability of objects in mind.

The candle contains 100% natural vegetable wax.
Its wick is made of braided cotton to ensure 100% clean, environmentally friendly combustion.
The plant wax is mixed with pure essential oils and natural fragrances, which originate from the world-prestigious region of Grasse in Provence, France.